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Madison Donates 11 Inches of Her Red Hair

The doctors told us that Ellie’s hair could start falling out as early as Friday, April 2nd. We told her on Monday, March 29th. Her first reaction was ”My friends will think I’m weird.” It broke this mama’s heart! God has been clear for us to post our needs on Facebook. It seemed like a strange request but within an hour I had a dozen offers of friends who wanted to color and cut their hair to Ellie’s mermaid wants!

Madison’s mom, Molly, runs the preschool program at our old church. Madisons hair is a little more red than Ellie‘s but its very close. After some coordination and God putting it in Madison’s heart almost a year ago, Tuesday at 2PM came and Madison had 11 inches cut off her hair to donate to Ellie. We will ship the hair off to the non profit this week and have a beautiful red head wig for Ellie to enjoy!

From Madison’s mom, Molly’s, Facebook post:

“My big girl has been growing her hair out basically since she was born. She has got trims here and there but never an actual cut. Last year she asked me if she could cut her hair for locks of love. Well, honestly we just kept pushing it off. Then God!!! This past month we found out that a local sweet family that used to attend our church got the news that no parents ever want to hear. Their almost 6yr old daughter was diagnosed with Cancer. After a few nights of praying for sweet Ellie, Madison asked if she could give Ellie her hair. Y’all, this was ALL God. His timing, not ours. Today Madison cut 11 inches off of her long beautiful red hair while her best friend stood beside her holding her hand. We pray that it blesses Ellie so much & that she continues smiling that big beautiful smile & remaining the confident child of God that she is!

Thank you so much Danielle Doucette for making my girls haircut a smooth & fun process”


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